Changing Platforms – Reality Check

Just about a month ago I changed from Drupal to WordPress; partially at the request of my service provider and partially as a result of all of the spam that was getting through. So far I like WordPress but it doesn’t give me all of the extras on formatting and presentation that Drupal did. The move has greatly reduced what I thought was my readership though.

I used to think that all of those lists of subscribers in Bloglines and other aggregators were people who actually read my blog. It seems that most readers haven’t noticed that there have been no new posts on the old RSS feed since I announced the move to WP. The old RSS feeds do not work, but almost nobody noticed. Oh well, I’ll just keep posting for myself and using my blog as a personal knowledge management system – its main purpose. I do appreciate the comments from the few who do read my “new & improved blog” though – thanks.

BTW – the new feeds for this blog are: and

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  1. Chris

    Hi Harold,

    Your Bloglines link in the second paragraph links to Tantramar Interactive. Not that I mind…

  2. Cameron

    Hi Harold.

    The last post on your old blog was about jury duty, so when you went incommunicado I assumed you were sequestered. My newsreader doesn’t show dates by default so that never stopped making sense given how little I think about feeds that aren’t updating.

    I only noticed that the feed was dead last week when I tried “Google Reader” fo the first time and it didn’t like your old feed url.

    I’m a little baffled why the new site isn’t set up to either redirect the old feed urls to the new ones, or the old feed url doesn’t have a note asking people to update the feed url. Without something telling people to update their feed url they are going to be like me and assume you stopped blogging until they randomly check your site and see it is new.

  3. Cameron

    IMO these pages need “next post” “previous post” links – the only way I can easily see more content when I’m on a page with comments on it is by pogoing back to the home page.

  4. Harold

    Thanks for the comments, Cameron. Not sure why your feed went dead after the Jury Duty post, as the last post (which I checked on Bloglines) was which discussed my move to WordPress. This is beyond my technical skills.

    I like the previous/next post idea, and I’ll see if there’s a WP plug-in for it.

  5. Daniel Lemire

    In my experience, wordpress is easier to hack, not harder.

    Regarding your experience, I think that TV shows do the same trick… suspend it for a week, or change the schedule and see who follows…

    On my web site, I’ve done the same thing… when deciding whether a page should be removed or not, I just go ahead and remove it temporarily, and if nobody complains, then I just kill it. Sometimes people care enough to bug you about it, and then you know you are offering a good service.

    I doubt people would miss my blog, but maybe, one day, I’ll screw it up just to see…


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