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We had a very informative session on value networks yesterday in Saint John. The workshop, conducted by Patti Anklam, Hal Richman and Gordon Smith, received positive reviews. Due to the weather we had several last-minute cancellations, but that meant more good food for everyone, as is evident in this photo:


Therefore, as a follow-up to our workshop, here are several resources to further explore value network analysis and how it can be used in your organisation:

Once again, I’d like to thank our partners, NRC-IRAP and PropelSJ for helping us to put on this workshop.

For me, a key understanding about value network analysis is that it is a process which is more art than science. Humans work in complex environments and we are by our very nature unpredictable. The result of a VNA allows you to ask better questions but it doesn’t give specific answers (it’s not a tool for bean counters). I think that VNA is an excellent change management tool. I can see the use of VNA and the resulting concept maps enabling better communication within organisations, with clients, with funders and throughout communities.

All in all, it was a good learning day for me 🙂

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  1. graham Watt

    The dude in the bottom right corner of your photograph seems to have transmogrified. How was the food?

  2. Harold

    Hal, it’s just that you don’t understand logic:

    The East Coast is the centre of the universe, therefore Torontonians believe that they are on the East Coast 😉


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