Monthly Archives: June 2007

Designing Learning for Any Style

Learning styles are often used as a catch-phrase to say that the training will be suitable for different tastes and abilities. Clark Quinn has one word on learning styles – rubbish. I agree, noting that Will Thalheimer still hasn’t had to pay anyone on his challenge, “I will give $1000 (US dollars) to the first… Read more »

National Day of Action

Last week was Canada’s National Aboriginal Day and today is the National Day of Action. You could say that we had the traditional conference last week followed by the unconference this week. Chris Corrigan does a lot of work with First Nations and has written a counter post to a recent article in the Globe… Read more »

Job Aids & Performance Support

I’m currently working on a project that requires me to get back to some performance and training analysis. Of course, my initial outlook is that training can often be a problem looking for a solution. I had to review the basics and decided to read Rossett & Schaffer’s, Job Aids & Performance Support. This is… Read more »

Sackville named cultural capital of Canada

Our little town has been named one of the cultural capitals of Canada, winning $500,000 for the under 50,000 population category.  Culture is one of the pillars of our town commons project, along with environment and entrepreneurship. I hope that raising our profile as a town will enable us to secure some more funds for… Read more »

Learning 2.0 value chain

I made my comments last week about R/WW’s All you need to know about e-learning 2.0, and the discussion has been picked up by several people in our community, most notably Tony Karrer. A recent comment on R/WW , #24, by Hank Horkoff of ChinesePod, is perhaps the most insightful on the real effects of… Read more »

What do you want people to do?

I’ve been looking at some training documentation and it seems that when we get into complicated (not complex) cases of lots of stuff to examine, we miss the forest for the trees. Dave sums it all up quite nicely: Even if the client’s model of training involves only lectures and PowerPoint, “What do you want… Read more »

Disorientation in Learning

A model I’ve used several times is Marilyn Taylor’s learning cycle. Her work is not widely published but there is a reference in this PDF on Adult Learning (see page 51). You can also read about the model in Making Sense of Adult Learning. Taylor observed university students in classrooms, and saw a pattern of… Read more »

Moncton (finally) gets WiFi

Fredericton, with a much smaller population, has had free WiFi since 2004 and now Moncton, NB, finally has a “pilot project” for free wireless access downtown. It’s about time that Moncton entered the 21st century.

All you need to know about elearning?

Read/Write Web (an excellent source of information on all web 2.0 tools) has its latest piece on e-learning, with e-Learning 2.0: All You Need to Know. One thing I like about these articles is that they don’t come from the e-learning profession, so they really represent client or learner opinions. The article itself covers a… Read more »