Work Advice from Graham

Following from yesterday’s post, here is some worldly wisdom from Graham Watt. You can tell that Graham has much experience in the advertising industry (extracts from “35 tips”):

Don’t be afraid of advertising research. You can be just as wrong as any $500,000 research study, and for a lot less.

Don’t think of words and pictures as ideas. They are just the little wagons that carry the ideas.

If you want to run a camera, take a course. It you want to shoot beautiful film, go and see and feel life. You can always get someone to push a camera button for you.

Participate in the creation of the strategy and you’ll have an easier time executing it.

Stop thinking we’re living in a time of incredible change. My mother saw more profound change than I. She started before electric light and lived to see people on the moon, pop tarts, boogie, the sinking of the Titanic, Hydramatic Drive, AM, FM, television, the refrigerator, the vacuum cleaner, the world’s biggest depression, Mac Powerbooks, Hitler, thousands of young Canadians killed in WW1, thousands of young Canadians killed in WW2, the Holocaust, fluorescent lights, nylon, Aids, polyester, fibreglass, pollution, the atomic bomb, terrorists, DC-8’s, SST’s.

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  1. Alex Ion

    Well I have to agree with the last one.

    I remember how me and my cousin used to play during the summer vacation. Kids these days no longer do it. They no longer send mail, they send e-mail, they don’t know to use a sling-shot (but they know Quake) and stuff.

    I miss my childhood 🙂


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