The fine art of branding

It seems that to be a successful brand in New Brunswick, you have to have a sail. These are the logos for Aliant; UNB and the Government of New Brunswick.

The logo (and new brand) for the province of New Brunswick came at the bargain basement price of $220,000.00. Nice work if you can get it.



and here’s one more from the Wallace McCain Institute:


… and ALC:


and now the FullSailSummit:


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  1. Dave Ferguson

    From Wikipedia, details of an event I remember clearly: “In 1975, NBC unveiled a new logo that was identical to the Nebraska [public television network] logo, but for the blue coloring of the right trapezoid in the NBC logo. The [Nebraska] commission sued NBC for trademark infringement, a suit which generated national attention. In an out-of-court settlement, NBC donated a color mobile unit and other equipment totaling over $800,000. NBC paid an additional $55,000 to reimburse the commission for the costs of eliminating the old logo from all advertising…”

    And that doesn’t count what NBC paid someone in the first place to come up with the same logo that the Nebraska network was using.

  2. graham watt

    Yes, a startling array of sails isn’t it. and I see the nimrods who designed the new one managed to get the ship’s jib flying full with the prevailing wind straight ahead of them. We used to call this shovelling shit against the tide.
    I think an ATV kicking up mud would have been a more authentic motif.

  3. graham watt

    Not sure, but I think two of these designs are from the same agency.
    By the way, the Provincial flag had either the ship or the wind going the wrong way too.

  4. Jennifer Nicol

    If the Society of Atlantic Curmudgeons is all done (now *there* is a logo worth imagining!), this landlocked Upper Canadian would like to say that she thinks the new NB logo is pretty, and it reminds her that PEI, NS and Newfoundland aren’t the only provinces with an oceanfront view. If the logo is aimed at tourist dollars, I would say it’s doing its job.

    The Buddhist slogan, on the other hand, does not inspire one to haul the family out east for summer holidays. “Come on kids, let’s go just Be.”

  5. graham watt

    Jennifer, you’re so right, but this freeze/thaw winter is making us all testy, and I prefer codger to curmudgeon. If you will allow a brief rebuttal, these logos, with the exception of Aliant’s which is an abstract impression of a sail, weren’t designed by anyone with an inkling of sails and sailing. The new Provincial logo owes more to Molson Export than anything else. New Brunswick has an incredible history of shipbuilding, rivalling the U.S. east coast for some years. Don’t you think it behooves them to get it right? I mean you can’t sail directly into the wind so let the pennant fly the right way. I agree that NB should publicize its marine heritage, its fishery is 5 times the size of Nova Scotia’s. Kind of a weird line: “Be…in this place”. In my experience any time you see an ellipsis
    in a tag line someone is trying to be clever instead of natural and persuasive.


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