T&D Learning in 2020

ASTD interviewed several people in our field and asked what things will look like in 10 years. In Learning in 2020, trends in Tools, Technology, Workforce, Talent Management and Future Leaders are discussed. There’s lots here, some you may agree with and some you may not. Given what has happened to the economy in the last 6 months, many of these predictions may be a bit mild.

Here’s my 2 cents worth:

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  1. Virginia Yonkers

    There was an interesting interview with an IT specialist in the Financial Times special Digital Business yesterday where he mentioned that in the next 5 years 3D “printing” will be available. He predicted that in 10 years, users would be able to design and input plans for furniture, consumer goods, etc…and they would be custom made by a machine.

    Think of the implication this will have for a workforce even in the manufacturing sector!

  2. Jon Husband

    Virginia .. somewhere on the web there’s a video clip of one of the people close to this applied research, speaking at a TED conference (2007, maybe 2006) … and if I remember correctly, the video clip includes a sequence of a 3D object being “printed” out.

    So, in prototype the future is here already (as is the case in many areas 😉

  3. Mike Berta


    I think your predictions are dead on and likely not to be the case in 2020 but well before. I find now that people are so busy that taking time to sit in a class or at a computer station to take some classes is only a preferred option when it is needed and no other alternative exists. Rather, people are capable and expecting things to be self-service and one-stop whenever possible.

    Even now, as I design a learning and performance model for a group that never had anything formal, I find myself gravitating to the self-service support concepts.



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