Friday’s finds #2

I am continuing to learn from Twitter. A real potpourri this past week:

The 140 character limitation of Twitter forced me to reduce the essence of this post to:

When faced with complexity: 1) organize as networks 2) continuously develop emergent practices 3) collaborate around common goals.

Pep rallies and tribalism make little sense in a networked world. via XKCD

“Quote du jour from Umair Haque: Record labels are caught in a prisoners dilemma, and the jailer is the RIAA.” via @dsearls

via @johnt – Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Management – A Revolution of Knowledge in Three parts

via @statsgirl “poverty is the #1 risk factor for mental illness”

via @denniscallahan 3 reasons to try FriendFeed (I like reasons 2 & 3)

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