Friday’s Finds #13

This week I made the leap back to, so who knows how many more Friday’s finds on Twitter I’ll be posting. From the past week:

An open letter from an actual Starbucks front-line employee (good read for all leaders) via @AmandaFenton

When it comes to social media, military is anything but uniform – Hint same thing inside government of Canada via @nickcharney

The real reason why you, the individual, should blog via @jocenado @FrancoisGuite @williamu @marcottea

Microblogging has become too important for one company to rule the field via @johnt @RobinGood

Lego hops off the Cluetrain onto the tracks in front of it

Consciousness Capitalism! The private appropriation of human consciousness as a “nonmaterial asset” via @jonhusband

Like prisons & mental hospitals, classrooms captured & constricted bodies in order to render them as docile subjects via @gwoodill

The Canadian Government’s War on Science via @david_a_eaves

Doc Searls: Every student that takes a class has to create or improve a Wikipedia page to the topic of the class

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