Join Internet Time Alliance for a Day in SFO

The day following DevLearn, Saturday, November 6th, the five members of the Internet Time Alliance are holding a retreat to share insights and plan for the forthcoming year. We’re meeting at the Internet Time Lab, across the Bay from San Francisco in Berkeley.

We originally intended for this to be a private session for challenging one another’s views on what’s important in social learning, enterprise learning governance, working smarter, the impact of mobile learning, taking advantage of personal knowledge environments, breakthroughs in brain science, revised views of motivation, growing awareness of emergence, the shift from push to pull models, rethinking the role of the LMS, and breaking down barriers to change. We’d swap our views on recent thoughts emanating from Altimeter, IBM, Dan Pink, JSB, and others we listen to.

Then we spotted a potential pitfall: the echo-chamber effect. When it’s just us, there’s an ever-present danger that we’ll fall into griping about how most corporations simply don’t have a clue, leave gobs of money on the table, and look for salvation in all the wrong places. Name-calling isn’t going to help us make progress.

We decided to invite half a dozen outsiders to take part in our one-day retreat. It will keep us honest.

Our ground rules:

No competitors. If Fiat attends, Volkswagen can’t. Our choice.
Small group. This session will be intimate and participatory. No more than six outsiders can attend. Again, our choice.
No consultants. We’re the consultants (ugh). You’re the practitioners.
Big payback. Bring a problem to solve; you’ll receive individualized advice from thought leaders.

Everyone will share in the day’s activities, which will probably include:

Lunch at the Cafe at Chez Panisse
Walk in the redwoods in the Berkeley Hills
Books such as The Working Smarter Fieldbook, Informal Learning,Engaging Learning
Video records of the proceedings

Fee for the day is $1,200. Two from a single organization, $1,000 each. (Yes, you are essentially funding our plane tickets and picking up the tab for meals.)


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