2011: Integration

I was asked to make some predictions for 2011 but missed the deadline. Instead of predictions, I think there are some trends that may cross the chasm this year. This follows on a post I wrote a year ago that included this table:

(2009) Innovators Early Adopters Crossing the Chasm
Technology Simulations Micro-blogs Blogs

Role-playing Social Networks Wikis

Waves Mobile Social Bookmarks
Ideas Emergent Learning PKM – PLN – PLE
Performance Support

Subject Matter Networks
Informal Learning

Group-centric Learning
Online Collaboration

I would say the PLE/PLN is across the chasm, while I now call PKM network learning and Beth Kanter describes a similar framework of networked professional learning. Micro-blogging, or Twitter, is definitely across.

As for ideas, more of my clients have accepted the need to support workplace informal learning. Performance support (EPSS) is now seen as a viable alternative to formal training (finally).

Adding to the growth of mobile, already across the chasm in much of the world, is the rise of video. Video for organizational sharing, video for instruction and video instead of manuals.

The big idea that is catching on and may take shape in 2011 is the integration of organizational support. Enough people are realizing that our compartmentalized approach to supporting work doesn’t help in a highly networked world. Why should HR, IT, Finance, Training, KM, OD, Marketing etc. be separate functions? It’s time to rid our organizations of Taylor’s ghost and I’m detecting a small groundswell of similar sentiments like radically different management.

Clark Quinn calls it a unified performer-facing environment and I have said for a while that we need to break down the intra-organizational walls. I hear the same discussions in HR, OD, KM, Training and IT. They see their traditional roles and control eroding. They are trying to remain relevant.

However, they think they have the solution, based on their existing mental models.

They don’t.

Perhaps in 2011 these departments will wake up and start talking to other.

I think the timing is right.

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