Not your average consultancy

When we got together as the Internet Time Alliance it was rather obvious that we were not going to be your usual consulting company. We are five principals and one associate, spread across nine time zones, who share a passion for our work. Status quo and cookie cutter solutions are not our business. Jay likens us to a group of artists who share the same gallery. That’s not a bad metaphor. We communicate pretty much every day, using all types of what are now called social media, but we remember the days of computer supported collaborative work (CSCW) and many other terms that have been cast aside. There are a couple hundred years of experience at the Internet Time Alliance.

One thing that differentiates us is our approach to wired work. Our interlaced networks are dominated by innovators and early adopters. Most of us are early adopters in that we put into practice much of what we recommend. We tried out that new blogging thing a long time ago. We’ve been on Twitter for several years. When we suggest ways to work smarter, we’ve done them. When clients are ready to cross the technology adoption chasm, we’re the pathfinders. That means we’ve failed several times already. We’ve learned from those mistakes. We don’t wait until the early majority is ready and then launch packaged services for that market. We’re already on to the next challenge, staying ahead and testing the waters.

Our networks are an essential part of our business.

“What the Internet Time Alliance brought to the table in our engagement was not only their extensive experience but their networks as well. While we in our organization have networks of our own, the quality and extensiveness of the ITA network added a value that we would not have been able to tap alone, and led us to a superior solution that will better serve our customers.” (Corporate University Manager within Fortune 500 Health Insurance company)


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