Sharing is good for all of us

When I was writing my Master’s thesis on Learning in the New Brunswick Information Technology Workplace (completed in 1998) I based a part of it on a framework developed  in 1991. The SPATIAL model looks at how the physical and non-physical attributes of the work environment influence learning. I had used the book available in the university’s  education library as my source material and then forgot about it. In 2008 I wrote a blog post about SPATIAL as I had found a digital copy of the article. Rodney Fulton, the author, even commented on my post.

This past week, Cindy Jennings asked about educational ergonomics on Twitter. I wasn’t quite sure what she was looking for, but I passed on the link to my 2008 post. Cindy sent me an email later and said, “this model is ideal for our purposes and I am thrilled to learn of it.”

This is the real value of narrating our work in public. If I had not written a blog post on the SPATIAL model, I would not have been able to easily retrieve it. If Cindy had asked the same question, I may have said to myself, “darn, I wrote about that during grad studies”. However, I put it in my outboard brain and I was able to help Cindy. Yes, folks, the network is more powerful than the node – share!

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  1. Ann H. Shea

    Harold, a helpful reminder to pay it forward, and to make the best of teams at work, couplehood at home. I rely on my PLN to continue my education on the net everyday, from people sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course blogs. And here I am again. Happy to share this short and simple but very true message.

  2. Cindy Jennings

    Harold, The power of the network is so difficult to help others understand who don’t LIVE it. What a simple, but powerful example. What you describe seems so simple: I post a (desperation) question to Twitter. You see it and are kind enough to share something. That ‘something’ turned out to be – well – perfect for my writing at the moment… and (I am looking forward to this part) work we are planning for the future on studying learning enviornments. So true that: This stuff won’t happen if you (and sooooooo many others like you) don’t share.
    I leave this comment noting that I do a POOR job of sharing…and with new resolve to do better!
    Thank you again!


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