Friday’s Finds 200th Edition

friday2Friday’s Finds:

Every second Friday I review what I’ve noted on social media and post a wrap-up of what has caught my eye. I do this as a reflective thinking process and also in order to take some of what I’ve learned and put it on a platform I can control, my blog. This is the 200th of a continuing series of posts, especially for my friend Hans deZwart, who seems to appreciate this eclectic mix of views and news.

@ffunch“If you merely follow a fellow, a hello is hollow. But jump off together, enquire in choir, and even a glance will advance.”

@flowchainsensei“For the majority of folks, organisational silos are all they have ever known.”

“Google’s most famous perk—that engineers could work on side projects 20% of the time—no longer exists.” – via @yayitsrob –  Original Quartz Article  + Google Engineers’ Response : “Apparently, 20% time is jokingly referred to within Google as “120% time” to indicate that, while engineers have the opportunity to pursue their own projects, it’s only on top of their existing (often quite demanding) schedules.

@dsearlsBig Data will remain a Big Dud until individuals have their own

But we’ve seen this movie before and we know how it starts: with assumptions that it can’t be done. It can, and it will.

We are going to be able to do far more with our own data — and data, period — than big organizations ever could.

@oscarbergOur future relies on our social networks

The greater the challenges we face, the more we need to extend and enhance our social networking, communication and collaboration abilities. Our social networks, and thus the means we have to support these (such as online social networks and social technologies in general), are key ingredients in any approach to deal with challenges we need to face ahead.

@JMOChicagoCulture VS. Structure [lots of first-hand examples of how to use minimal organizational structure, as well as advantages & disadvantages]

One thing that caught me off guard early on when I was hired into the Human Resource Development group was the complete absence of an organizational chart.

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