Strawberry Jam Finds

Here are some observations and insights that were shared on social media this past fortnight. I call these Friday’s Finds.

I am spending my weeks in Toronto on a consulting assignment (which also explains my infrequent blogging), returning home on weekends, but I thought the last find at the bottom of this post rather appropriate.

“Any plan conceived in moderation must fail when circumstances are set in extremes.” – Prince Metternich – via @k1v1n

@leadingincontxtDealing With Complexity in Leadership – with various links

@rbgayleCan real capitalism be returning?

Capitalism only works because of its social connections and norms. It cannot work by itself. It cannot exist in isolation. It is a social construct. It needs people who will participate.

@orgnetSocial Capital: the Key to Success in the 21st Century Organization [PDF]

Today’s organizations rely less on owned assets. Today’s fluid environment does not reward ownership, including the old employment relationship. The agility needed by today’s organizations requires finding the right assets and combining them into the right structure to meet short-lived goals. It is not what you control but what you can access that is the key link in the value chain.

Social Networks: What Maslow Misses | Psychology Today – via @mslogophiliac

Humans are social animals for good reason. Without collaboration, there is no survival. It was not possible to defeat a Woolley Mammoth, build a secure structure, or care for children while hunting without a team effort. It’s more true now than then. Our reliance on each other grows as societies became more complex, interconnected, and specialized. Connection is a prerequisite for survival, physically and emotionally.

@NielsPflaeging – There are 2 types of consultants: Strawberry Jam vs. Grape Jelly

Image by Niels Pflaeging

Image by Niels Pflaeging

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