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I frequently receive requests for guest blog posts, which I always turn down, for several reasons.

My website has my name on it, and I feel personally responsible for everything written here. Any guest post would not reflect my views.

Much of my professional reputation is based on my writing, and many of my perspectives were formed here as ‘half-baked ideas’ on this blog.

All of my content is licensed for sharing as: Creative Commons – Attribution, Non-commercial, Share-alike so that other bloggers can easily use it and build upon it, negating any need for guest posts here.

It is ridiculously easy to create your own blog so you do not need mine to post from.

In addition, most of the requests come from people I do not know. Requesting a guest post is like inviting yourself over for dinner. I don’t even know you, but you want a free meal, and then want to tell everyone about it?

Instead, please join in the conversation, add some value with your own perspectives, and maybe we can learn from each other.


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8 Responses to “Guest Posts”

  1. Madelyn Blair

    Harold, your position on guest blogging is consistent with your openness about publishing your thinking that moves from thought to more developed thought. I admire your forthrightness.

  2. Hugh Aitken

    I fully support you position on guest posts. I read your blog because of the clarity that you bring to seemingly complex issues. Long May you continue.

  3. François Lavallée

    Half-baked ideas?
    Harold, your blog is one of the most advanced thinking I read!
    Concise (I hate one paragraph blog post!)
    Thought provoking

    Half baked? Well… I wish I could bake as well!

    Thanks for these daily insights!


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