building the intelligent enterprise

Managers need to be given non-traditional roles in order to become key units of intelligence in the organization. They will then have the mission to come back to pollinate intelligence throughout the organization.

However, managerial innovation is primarily reflective and collaborative. This is a real challenge in terms of societal evolution!

Making business intelligent is providing our organizations the opportunity to become more humanistic, which would in my view be a real proof of intelligence. – Marine Auger [l’originale en français à la fin]

These are the concluding paragraphs of Marine Auger’s book, Et si vous rendiez votre entreprise intelligente? which I have loosely translated. It is accompanied by an image showing the three components of an intelligent enterprise: organizational; managerial; and cultural. These are supported by the foundation of intelligent communication.

intelligent-enterpriseOn examining this model, I found four methods that could be used to start building such an enterprise (follow links for details).

  • Intelligent communication requires an openness for learning. Working and learning out loud is evident when everyone in the organization is practicing personal knowledge mastery. It is how we can communicate our emerging intelligence with our peers.
  • An intelligent organization embraces democracy and self-governance.
  • Intelligent management is based on networked leadership.
  • An intelligent culture adapts to life in perpetual beta.


    Image updated 30 March

L’originale en français:

Pour devenir l’un des éléments de l’intelligence de votre entreprise, celle-ci doit également s’employer à opérer la mutation nécessaire pour rendre les managers agiles en leur donnant d’autres rôles que ceux jusqu’alors distribués. Car c’est à eux que reviendra la mission de libérer et de polliniser l’intelligence au sein de vos organisations.

L’innovation manageriale est avant tout réflexive et collaborative. Au-delà d’être un veritable enjeu en termes d’évolution sociétale!

Rendre l’entreprise intelligente c’est offrir à nos organisations la possibilité de devenir plus humanistes, ce qui serait à mon sens une véritable preuve d’intelligence.

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