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A key part of the Seek > Sense > Share framework for PKM is to find new ways to explain things, or add value to existing information. Metaphors help us understand new concepts, as do visuals. When the folks at Venngage asked if they could create an infographic on PKM I saw it as another opportunity to make sense of the framework. I also like the fact that someone else made it, so that it was not just my perspective or priorities.

Don’t forget that the last online PKM workshop for 2015 starts on 7 September.


Create free infographics with Venngage

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  1. Jay Cross

    NIce. There’s something powerful in these visual representations. I’ve read all your books and heaven knows how many blog posts, but your infographic ties it all together for me.

    May I reproduce your graphic in my forthcoming book?

  2. Alison Sattler

    Thank you so much for sharing this post! I will definitely explore more PKM infographics for use with ESL students and share your site on my Google page and future website. (Can you lead me to good place for novice web builders to create a free site?)


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