co-creation as a service

Give people fish & you feed them for a day

Teach people to fish & you feed them for a lifetime

Help people learn for themselves how to fish & you prepare them for life in perpetual beta

Most best practices are self-evident, whereas the problems that consume our time and efforts are usually complex. Instead of looking for best or good practices, we should take the time and money to invest in an experiment. What works for one organization often will not work for another. There are too many variables, and the environment keeps changing. However, examples of emergent practices can inform us, as long as we see them as guide posts, not rule books.

Currently, I offer online workshops on personal knowledge mastery and social learning. These have been highly successful and involve cohorts of participants from a wide variety of backgrounds. As one of the objectives is to learn from each other, this diversity increases the potential for serendipitous learning. I use what we learn to inform internally conducted workshops. My focus in all of my work is co-creation as a service.

If you see value in my workshops, my books, or the subjects I discuss here – such as innovationleadership, and the connected enterprise – then I can help you create your own programs. We can use my experience with a number of organizations, from the inside and outside, to coach and guide your organization in creating your own professional development programs or transition projects.

This is not a cookie-cutter type of service. There is no recipe book to follow. This is a journey where we work together for a set period of time, and then you go on your own. I provide resources, coaching, advice, and access to a worldwide network of professionals.

“What the Internet Time Alliance group brought to the table in our engagement, in the person of Harold Jarche, was not only his extensive experience and network, but also the expertise of the rest of the Alliance and their networks as well. While we in our organization have networks of our own, the quality and extensiveness of the ITA network added a value that we would not have been able to tap alone, and led us to a superior solution that will better serve our customers.”
—Corporate University Manager within Fortune 500 Health Insurance company

If you realize that buying ‘off-the-shelf’ will not address the unique requirements for learning and working in your complex organizational environment, then let’s talk about taking a journey together. Let me share some of my blood, sweat, and tears with you. Mastery takes time.

Mastery by Amy Burvall
Mastery by Amy Burvall

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