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“I’m thinking of doing some coaching in a few years and helping people make decisions around food and nutrition”, I was told the other day by a young man working in a shop. My advice was to start a blog: now. While he had no intention of freelancing for the near term, he needed to get his thoughts in order. A blog is a good place to do this over time. You can start slow. The process builds over time. My early blog posts were pretty bad but they helped me see what ideas I could revisit and build upon. And it took time.

If you even think you want to be self-employed as a knowledge worker offering some kind of service, then start working on it now. You should also be saving money if you can, but investing your time is a cheap investment that may pay significant dividends.

  • You will practice your writing skills in public, and most likely force yourself to get better
  • You will develop half-baked ideas that might turn into lines of business, like PKM did for me, which I originally wrote about in 2004.
  • You may meet some interesting people with whom you can learn more.
  • There will be greater chances for serendipitous encounters.
  • You blog posts will give you something tangible upon which to reflect.

While freelancing requires a lot more than just writing ideas on your blog, it can be a solid foundation upon which to build the ideas for your new business. The best time to start is now.


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