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Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

@Tom_Peters: “Average unicorn coder’s goal today: Destroy my privacy to sell me more crap so that founders can add another billion to their net worth … Make no mistake: Google’s animating goal is to destroy my privacy by knowing more about me than I do. The rest is details.”

@dria: “Search results are decreasingly reliable because of SEO polluting top results with junk. I’m going directly to known-good sites more & more.”

Why Theater Majors Are Vital in the Digital Age via @CreatvEmergence

“The aptitude called ‘foresight’, which is the talent to envision many possible outcomes or possibilities, was present in all theater workers (playwrights, directors, designers, actors). When actors try out various line readings or interpretations of a scene, when they improvise or create backstory, they are using foresight … But foresight would be impossible without empathy. The actor’s ability to envision multiple outcomes or motivations in a play must be based on the character’s circumstances, not the actor’s.”

The “Empathy Opportunity”: “Maybe VR should show you hardship instead of heaven”. via @GregVerdino

“In one recent project, a dancer in a wheelchair spoke about the challenge of navigating city streets. When users sat in a chair, headset on, and manipulated a joystick, the dancer moved her wheelchair in a corresponding way; when users looked in a virtual mirror, they saw her face. But when they moved their legs, hers stayed still—which was by far the most moving part of the whole experience.”

@HansdeZwart: “Wow. Do check out your biases and how difficult it is to tell anything from the perspective of a police body cam”Police Body Cameras: What Do You See?

Understanding the Limits of Hierarchies by @OpenSourceWay

“As I say in ‘The Open Organization’, networked structures more easily facilitate what US Air Force Colonel John Boyd calls the ‘OODA loop’ [Observe, Orient, Decide, Act]; they allow for quicker reactions to immediate, pressing situations. Hierarchies might let you make one-off decisions at a faster rate, but, ultimately, they’re just not as responsive in the long term.”

How to gain merit, regardless of your job function by @OpenSourceWay

Be mindful – In the end, if you want to gain merit in an organization, you need to think about the types of traits true leaders have. True leaders are unique, empathetic, and modest. Focusing on ways to develop those characteristics—which are important for anyone in any organizational role—will take you far.”

Facilitating informal learning by @mathemagenic

“The mindset is about paying attention to a learning opportunity: where is energy and interest? can I enable it and how? what is fun for me in it? how far can I go without taking it over or killing the fun?”

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