not working, out loud

I am a proponent of working out loud [transparent knowledge sharing] and see it as an essential connector between personal knowledge mastery and organizational knowledge management, as it helps make organizational knowledge explicit. John Stepper has recently advanced the idea of working out loud with his book on the subject. Many others are now practicing it: #workoutloud.

I would like to diverge from working out loud and discuss ‘not working out loud’. Given that the last time I was working with a client was in June, I have spent the past four months not ‘working’. So what does that entail?

  1. I finished the last volume of a series of e-books: Working in Perpetual Beta.
  2. I began work on a new volume on personal knowledge mastery.
  3. I started writing an article on talent development for publication in French.
  4. I turned down over 20 requests for guest posts on my blog.
  5. I turned down an offer to advertise on my blog ($50 for a link to an online casino).
  6. I spoke for free at a conference, though the ‘exposure’ has not resulted in any new work.
  7. I attended a fun digital pedagogy conference on PEI and got there by bike (140 KM each way).
  8. I provided advice to several students in educational technology programs.
  9. I attended a workshop as a tele-presence robot.
  10. I was interviewed for a publication.
  11. I rode my bike almost every day (necessary cycle-therapy).
  12. I blogged about consulting, the gig economy, hierarchies, and neo-generalists.
  13. Of course, I kept looking for opportunities to work out loud.

This is what NotWorkingOutLoud looked like for me. I can also WorkOutLoud in a variety of areas and look forward to the next opportunity to do so.

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    • Harold Jarche

      I’m always looking for work opportunities. Most requests these days are for free work though.


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