our post-truth moment

post-truth (adjective) Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief. —Oxford Dictionaries

Social media extend emotion, obsolesce the linearity and logic of print, retrieve oral speech, and when pushed to their limit, reverse into constant outrage. This is the post-truth era. Our society has had a couple of decades to adapt to a shift that has been coming since the telegraph turned words into electrical pulses, but has increased its velocity with the advent of the web. This communications shift to the network era will continue to accelerate. We are the media, and the media are us.

All we have is our collective humanity to make sense of this new era. The industrial market era allowed many of us to focus on our individuality. Now we have to build our collective strength. My attempt to help with this shift is personal knowledge mastery and the Seek > Sense > Share framework. I have called it our part of the social learning contract. Our collective knowledge has to be resilient enough to face the post-truth media tidal wave. None of us can do it alone. We have to find communities of practice to continuously test our understanding. We also have to engage with diverse social networks that include those who differ from us.

Wallowing in the post-truth media surround is not an option for an engaged citizenry. Ignoring our interconnected reality is a luxury we cannot afford. Whether it be PKMastery, crap detection, working out loud, new literacies, or something else does not matter. We all need to get out of our filter bubbles and engage our networked world. We cannot let our algorithmic overlords control the conversation. Work is learning, and learning is the work: together.


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