the coffee club

Last October I suggested that subscribers to this blog could buy me a monthly cup of coffee to support my writing. Several of you have done so: thank you! We now have a private online space to continue our conversations.

To kick off 2018 I have decided to make the beta conversations available exclusively to coffee club subscribers. I will host about 10 online video conference sessions per year. The subjects that we will cover will include technology, media, knowledge, and society, but I am sure we will always find something to talk about. The conversations are recorded for members who cannot make it. I will ensure there is a topic or two at hand before we begin.

So if you find my writing useful, especially for your own paid work, please consider subscribing to the club and buying a monthly cup of coffee for each of us.

This will make you a member of the coffee club, caffeine-fuelled for deeper conversations, for only $10 per month.

Register here

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    • Harold Jarche

      We have a monthly poll and ask what date/time works best for members who are interested in attending. Members are across the globe so I try to give a time that works for most. Currently that’s around 07:30 EDT, or 11:30 UTC/GMT. I work on the feedback from the group to see what is best. They are recorded and available for 30 days.


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