methods for mastery

I recently came across two methods to implement aspects of personal knowledge mastery. The first, by Angelika Mittelmann, uses my Seek > Sense > Share framework to create a ‘fitness circuit’ which includes warm-up, starting, and sustaining exercises. These are quite detailed but are good for people looking for inspiration to start the PKM discipline. Mittelman concludes, and I agree, “As every person is different, there is no standardized PKM.”

The other method is based on Double Loop Learning in Work Based Settings (PDF) by Anke Linz and Olaf Resch. The authors describe a method of creating ‘micro-articles’. These are structured ways to take notes and make observation and then make the knowledge artifact easier to share, as it is in a standardized format. This method was tested in a school setting, so it would be interesting to see if it could be applicable in the workplace. The authors state that “micro-articles can only be one building brick to establish double-loop learning.”

These are two more methods that can inform the practice of PKM. I am grateful to Victor Alves, who is currently taking my PKM workshop, for passing these on.

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