90% of everything is crap

Currently, I have written 3,170 posts on this blog. I don’t have any surveillance technologies (analytics) here, so I don’t know how many people read my work, or how much they like it. I do use Feedly as my feed reader and subscribe to my own site, so I can ensure that the RSS feed is working. Feedly also gives me an idea of how popular a post is. The number [second column from left] represents some algorithm based on how much more popular a post is than the average one. I don’t know how they determine this.

Over the past 6 years that Feedly has been keeping track of my site I have written over 1,000 posts. Of these, only 13 have been wildly popular. Most of my posts have a popularity rating in the single digits. This aligns with Sturgeon’s Law“90% of everything is crap”. It’s hard to write a great post every single day. But writing the not-so-good stuff prepares you for the odd good post.

So here are the most recent posts that made the 10%.

beyond government & markets

the universal mother

a compass for the future of work

our future is networked & feminine

we don’t need better leaders

11 Responses to “90% of everything is crap”

  1. Britt Watwood

    While some of your other posts did not make the Feedly Top List…I use several of your posts in my leadership class. Some of my favorites are:
    2016 – Closing the Learning-Knowledge Loop
    2013 – Networks are the New Companies
    2017 – Embracing Automation
    2018 – Questioning Technology

  2. Julia Scott

    I love your posts – and have started to tweet (or retweet you) the ones that are especially relevant to my work.! @dwylieinstitute

  3. Renee Robson

    Here – I fixed your title for you…
    “10% of my work has gone viral – the other 90% is still great!”
    Seriously though – love your blog.

    • Harold Jarche

      Thank you, Renée. I appreciate the vote of confidence. I still like Sturgeon’s Law though 😉

  4. Luc Légère

    While I’d agree that 90% or more of everything published on the Internet – and especially in social media – is crap… I’ve never considered any of your blog entries to fall within that category.


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