sensemaking in a networked world

It’s a networked world

As we become more connected we should not be cutting out social media, instead we should be using them in smarter ways so that we are sensemaking beyond the outrage.

Don’t teach people how to fish. Teach people to learn for themselves how to fish and then they can learn anything else for a lifetime — citizen sensemaking.

Filter failure is a human failure. It means we are not connected to trusted communities that have the cognitive diversity we need to make important decisions.

We need to organize our workplaces better

Organizations need to make time and space available for conversations inside teams, across teams, and outside the organization —  it’s about finding community.

A combination of curiosity and resolve enables continuous learning while still getting things done. This requires an attitude of life in perpetual beta.

We need sensemaking skills

Personal Knowledge Mastery is staying afloat in a sea of information buoyed by knowledge networks and guided by communities of practice.

PKM is the number one critical skill set for any professional today.

If there is but one practice that will help with sensemaking, especially online, it is to always read the full article before sharing or commenting — self-perception of knowledge.

Personal Knowledge Mastery

PKM is a discipline that benefits both organizations and individuals — learn how to become a knowledge catalyst.

For Organizations

  1. Faster sharing of knowledge
  2. Greater potential for innovative ideas
  3. Increased connections to knowledge outside the organization

For Individuals

  1. Develop knowledge networks for continuous learning
  2. Find communities of practice to help make better decisions
  3. Create a disciplined approach for professional development that reduces cognitive load

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