an exploratory

On 30 September I will be participating in a series of exploratory sessions with Dave Snowden — learning & sense-making in uncertainty and continuous flux and I have discussed some of the concepts previously in sensemaking in uncertainty.

Dave Snowden and Harold Jarche have been exploring different aspects of learning, knowledge management and innovation for decades. This is the first time they are coming together to explore the similarities, differences and potential synergies between their approaches.

As part of our preparation, Dave and I are recording a video for participants to understand each of our frameworks/models/perspectives before we get into deeper conversations and explorations.

First, I would like to recognize my early inspirations for personal knowledge mastery.

I also was able to better articulate parts of PKM by reading the work of others and aligning it with my own.

In the video recording, each of us will discuss four main themes.

  1. knowledge & learning
  2. community & networks
  3. sensemaking
  4. innovation

I plan on using just a few illustrations to explain what PKM and perpetual beta are about. The first image shows some of the pieces that fit into the main model.

parts of pkm model

The other image shows some of the connectionshow pkm connects work and learning.

My intention is to learn from these sessions and see if my frameworks can be improved. I am particularly interested to see if the Cynefin model can be used more in informing PKM and helping people become better sensemakers and knowledge catalysts.

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