Top Tools 2023

I almost missed Jane Hart’s Top Tools for Learning survey which closed today. Since I’m in a later time zone, I am going to assume that this submission will be accepted. A few things have changed since last year, as I am migrating away from Twitter due to its new owner, and using Mastodon. I also stopped using Feedly and have switched back to Inoreader. The last two tools (Merlin & Seek) I continue to use for learning about the natural world.

  1. WordPress — powers all my websites
  2. Slack — private community space including the perpetual beta coffee club
  3. Mastodon — my main social network
  4. Inoreader — my RSS feed reader
  5. Diigo — social bookmarks
  6. Zoom — everyone now knows Zoom, which I have been using for six years
  7. Overcast — for podcasts
  8. 1Password — simplifies my online life and gives me more time for learning
  9. Merlin — learning about birds
  10. Seek — learning about nature

List of Harold Jarche's top tools for learning over the past 12 years

7 thoughts on “Top Tools 2023”

  1. Oh no! I think this is my first year that I’ve missed it. Argh. That’s what happens when you’re out of the loop completely. It’s interesting to reflect now that “tools” in my life only extend to those that are helping me learn my new skills such as: YouTube; iTalki and real life conversation meetups for my French language.

    The golf course (real not virtual) and Trackman and a Golf coach (real not virtual).

    Reedsy, Grammarly, and classes (real not virtual) for creative writing.

    I’ll be adding a new system soon called Mosaic in my new capacity archiving artefacts and historical items of interest as part of a heritage committee.

    I don’t think these “tools” would be valued to the wider professional community but it does make you wonder how your focus on these tools change over time and the phases of your life.


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