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Networked Work Needs Networked Learning

In a recent discussion on informal learning I was asked how it could be integrated into formal work environments. What I have learned so far about informal learning is that it is more of a cultural issue than about process or technology improvements. The key factor is control. To foster informal learning, organisations have to… Read more »

Formal education needs more informal learning

One of the reasons that I’m fascinated with informal learning is that it has not been studied anyway near as much as formal learning (education & training) and my experience with workplace performance has shown how important informal learning is in getting the job done. A ten year study of Japanese education methods by the… Read more »

Learning how to learn, from the beginning

We may talk about being continuous learners, but the reality is that those who question the existing systems put themselves on the fringe. Christian Long cites the recent case of Pluto no longer being a planet and how this shows how brittle our formal education system is after some 100 years. And let me get… Read more »

Stay focused on the small stuff

A couple of recent articles reminded me about the importance of doing the small things well and possibly reaping large rewards. We often look for magic bullets or big systems to address big problems but it’s usually the little stuff that makes a difference. Christian Long tells a story about teachable moments and how this… Read more »

Analysis for Informal Learning

This is a follow-up to Informal Learning and Performance Technology. I’ve created this diagram to show a rather simplistic representation of how you would conduct an analysis to determine where informal learning might fit in to your organisation. This process is designed for larger organsisations, and there is much missing from this diagram that space… Read more »

My PKM System

Note: Latest version: PKM in a Nutshell (2010). In response to a post I made on Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Tony Karrer recommended that I look at his post on Personal Learning for Learning Professionals. This had me review my posts on PKM and reflect on how I go through my process of triage. As… Read more »

PKM and Informal Learning

In re-reading Dave Pollard’s post on personal knowledge management (PKM) I noticed some parallels with the field of online learning. Dave states that: And although technology companies, by coopting the term Knowledge Management and making it synonymous with centralized content management, have played a role in tarnishing KM’s image, some technology companies are now developing… Read more »

Learning through Storytelling with the PPCLI

Via Luis Suarez is this story on CNEWS [dead link: see comment below] about a cultural anthropologist, Anne Irwin, who has been studying soldiers in the field and how they learn and bond through storytelling. The soldiers of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry battle group are in Afghanistan and Prof. Irwin is there to watch… Read more »

elearning session at CCL shows significance of informal learning

Stephen Downes is blogging the Canadian Council on Learning’s Conference on Adult Learning in Canada. Stephen’s report on the presentation (see my last post) on e-learning shows, among other findings, the significance of informal learning: Griff Richards: on four functional areas: – e-learning as an extension of military education – e-learning as distance education –… Read more »