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the fifth discipline redux

Harvard Business Review described The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge, as one of the seminal management books of the previous 75 years. In 2017 I reviewed mastery and models and showed how they still pertain to organizations 30 years later. I concluded that the challenge for learning professionals is to help organizations become learning organizations. It… Read more »

meaningful work

Kourish Dini says that, “Mastery and meaningful work develop from guided play.” This is pretty well the direction behind my personal knowledge mastery framework and the notion of ‘half-baked ideas‘. “There is an error in our focus on productivity. I may even be labeled as a productivity talking-head. I’ve more than likely made the error… Read more »

PKM in perpetual beta

I recently wrote — from platforms to covenants — that I firmly believe that open protocols connecting small pieces loosely joined is a better framework than any privately owned social media platform. Twitter was just too darned easy for many years. I am now connecting more on Mastodon though I have not mastered all of… Read more »

from platforms to covenants

I wrote in agile sensemaking (2018) that radical innovation only comes from networks with large structural holes which are more diverse. This is why social networks cannot also be work teams, or they become echo chambers. Work teams can focus intensely on incremental innovation, to get better at what they already do. Communities of practice,… Read more »

open protocols connect small pieces loosely joined

Sturgeon’s revelation states that 90% of everything is crap, which I aligned with the current state of personal knowledge management (not mastery) where we see many offers for proprietary tools to help us with our sensemaking, whether it be better note-taking or creating an online brain. But in every field there is only so much… Read more »

coming full circle

I started my freelance career quite suddenly. I was fired from a rather well-paying job and found myself in a small town in Atlantic Canada with few prospects. My wife, a registered nurse, was a stay-at-home mother for our two pre-teen children. If she went back to work it would mean retraining and then starting… Read more »

community finds

I am a member of several private online communities and I also host one — the perpetual beta coffee club. There have been some interesting conversations over the past few weeks and I would like to highlight some online resources that were shared. I learn a lot from these communities.

navigating complexity

The Cynefin framework can help us connect work and learning, especially for emergent and novel practices, for which we do not have good or best practices known in advance. When we want to create a conducive learning environment for knowledge workers, the Cynefin framework helps us see the inherent weakness of instructional systems design (ISD)… Read more »


We recently finished a PKM workshop and in one of our discussions we talked about intentionality — “The fact of being deliberate or purposive, or the quality of mental states (e.g. thoughts, beliefs, desires, hopes) which consists in their being directed towards some object or state of affairs.” This is the core of personal knowledge mastery…. Read more »


For over two years we have increasingly seen this term in social and mainstream media — Do Your Own Research (DYOR). “The words imply a fundamental distrust in authority, and thus a shift to complete self-reliance. In the case of crypto, where there may be rewards but there are definitely massive risks, you should want… Read more »