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normal is the bias

Almost a decade ago Harvard Business Review featured Scott Berkun’s article on how Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, was able to function as a 100% distributed company. “Culture is critical. Automattic has many policies designed to empower employees and remote work is just one of them. They believe individual workers know best how to… Read more »

stupidity — the new normal

Two years ago I wrote about the new normal of work, citing a Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions report that had just been published. The major trends identified in the report included observations such as evidence that in cities more likely to vote for Donald Trump, there were fewer jobs that can be done remotely…. Read more »

the coherent organization

Several years ago, the team at Innovisor asked — Why Do Organizations Led by Women Perform Better? The new study puzzled Innovisor. Why do organizations led by women perform better? Since we already established that the women on an individual level were not collaborating more than men, we decided to look somewhere else in our… Read more »

management must move first

This morning I gave a presentation at the IOM Summit on digital work. My topic was — Digital Work is all about human connections. The key messages are ones that have been presented here. Knowledge flows at the speed of trust The importance of sparking curiosity How social learning powers distributed work How we are… Read more »

knowledge flows at the speed of trust

Transparency Businesses that are open, transparent, and cooperative are more resilient because they rely on people, not processes. In a transparent organization there is no way to game the system as an individual. A transparent business focuses on long-term value, not short-term profit. It can also foster innovation, as diverse ideas come to the fore… Read more »

perpetual beta — our new normal

The perpetual beta model describes how knowledge can flow between professional networks, communities of practice, and work teams. It shows that it is necessary to connect all three in order to ensure a diversity of ideas and perspectives — as well as safe places to test these — in order to support increasingly complex collaborative… Read more »


Richard Claydon tells a story about a ‘super-connector’ he once worked with. This person was highly respected by everyone and could get things done across departments, ignoring the official hierarchy. “In today’s interconnected complexity of work, it is next to impossible to isolate performance to the granular, individualised level of a KPI. Everything happens in… Read more »

post-production society

Technology at Work v6.0 — The Coming of the Post-Production Society, is the latest research report from Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions, published in June 2021 [Disclosure: Citi is a client]. One year ago I summarized the previous version, The New Normal of Remote Work. I concluded that most people would like the option to… Read more »

a decade of digital transformation

With a focus on improving collaboration, sensemaking, and knowledge sharing in teams, communities and networks, I have had the privilege of working with a wide variety of clients. Ten years ago I tried to convince senior federal public servants of the importance of social media and how they would have to change their relationship with… Read more »

unity, not uniformity

One hundred years ago, management pioneer Mary Parker Follett wrote that “Unity, not uniformity, must be our aim. We attain unity only through variety. Differences must be integrated, not annihilated, not absorbed.” Her words ring true today as we dance between complexity and order. How can we achieve unity through variety and the integration of… Read more »