Jarche Consulting

Established 2003

Professional services focused on collaboration, knowledge sharing, and sensemaking in a networked world. If you are looking for easy answers, this is not the place.

consulting with snow software in sweden

Working with Snow Software in Sweden

“I had the opportunity to work with Harold while developing collaborative knowledge-sharing practices for a global predictive chemistry network. Harold guided us in assessing our needs and setting realistic goals. He revitalized the global network by demonstrating the value of focusing on people instead of tools, as well as the introduction of his PKM model (seek-sense-share). His openness and transparency, as well as his understanding of cultural diversity were instrumental to project team engagement.”
Senior Analyst: AstraZeneca


I help organizations work smarter in the following areas —

  • workplace collaboration
  • sensemaking & knowledge-sharing
  • organizational learning
  • communities of practice

This video gives a case study of working with a client to solve a complex problem. See my client list for further examples.

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Typical Engagements

  • Consulting — I work with organizations to develop practical ways to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, and sensemaking in a networked economy — more. Here is a working smarter case study.
  • Keynote Speaking — Keynote presentations, live or via the web, include preparation, resources, follow-up, and participation in related discussion panels, small groups, or interviews.
  • Masterclass — Half-day online masterclasses to help with internal change initiatives.
  • PKM Online Workshop — The popular PKM in 40 Days online workshop is focused on individual sensemaking in communities and networks.
  • Private Workshops — The informal & social learning online workshop is for teams supporting learning & development. A private custom PKM workshop can also be arranged for organizations.
  • Hire to WriteArticles and white papers on a variety of subjects.
  • Coaching — One-on-One coaching sessions

Contact Harold for more information.

Professional Affiliations

“Harold Jarche is a true pioneer. Nine years ago [2005], long before online activities were commonplace, we conducted a series of Unworkshops on the topic of web-based learning. We relied on free software. Our students came from Australia, Lebanon, Canada, Austria, the Azores, and points in between. Lessons were both synchronous and offline. To give people exposure, we used a different platform each week. I can’t imagine anyone (aside from Harold) crazy (and innovative) enough to sign up for something like this.” —Jay Cross (1944-2015), founder Internet Time Alliance