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Life in Perpetual Beta: Original Series

I wrote the original perpetual beta series as four standalone digital volumes between 2014 and 2016. The changing nature of work, and our evolving perspectives on learning and knowledge were the core themes. I wrote seeking perpetual beta first, in order to create a coherent narrative of ten years of blogging. Subsequent volumes focused on leadership, personal knowledge mastery, and working models.

After 15 years of blogging, my writing is a continuous work in progress and is in a state of perpetual beta. What started as a focus on businesses and organizations has grown to a more global view of the influence our societal structures have on how we work and learn. Many of these structures, such as our institutions, are changing. We citizens need to be engaged in the conversations around these structural changes while we still have a global communication commons.

The four books were combined into a single volume and Version 3.0 (December 2018) continues my journey of — life in perpetual beta.

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“One of the best purchases you’ll do this year!”Luis Suarez

“masterful synthesis of 10 years of blogging about networks”Jon Husband

“Harold knows just how to harness the power of equal, open collaboration in the networked economy.”Ian Chew

I’ve just finished Part 1 of Finding Perpetual Beta. It’s so well-written – clear, easy to understand without any need for prior exposure to the topic, and simply compelling.”Michelle Ockers

Once again, I am flabbergasted by the intensity and the profoundness of Harold’s writing and thinking.” —François Lavallée

If you’re interested in organizational growth, knowledge management, technology and change management, I highly recommend that you obtain, read, mark up and share it.” — Ben Carmel

“Full of detail, research & new ideas.”Charles Jennings