The Perpetual Beta Series

actionable insights on learning and working in a digitally networked society

Covers of the first four books in the perpetual beta series

Life in Perpetual Beta: Original Series

The perpetual beta series began in 2014 as four standalone digital volumes, following my first ten years of blogging. The changing nature of work and our evolving perspectives on learning and knowledge were the core themes. These were combined into a single volume in 2018 and have been edited and updated about every 18 months since.

The latest volume builds on Perpetual Beta 2020 and includes new work since August 2020.

As we enter the fourth year of a global pandemic we are seeing the forces of disease, climate change, and political polarization combine and batter our markets and institutions. It will only be as a global networked society that we will be able to address these forces.

Welcome to life in perpetual beta, where work is learning, and learning is the work.

This e-book is a DRM-free PDF that can be read on any device.

“A hugely useful collection of essays from the author on ideas around leadership, learning and organisations in the digital age. You’ll find as much manifesto as manual in here, and both aspects are very welcome if these subjects are important to you.” —Antony Mayfield on Goodreads

Embracing Perpetual Beta: Leaning Into Life, Learning and Livelihood in the Network Age —Curtis Ogden

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perpetual beta 2022 coverTable of Contents


perpetual beta 2022 table of contents

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Harold’s Perpetual Beta 2022 is a refreshing read. I have been reading it since the earliest versions. Harolds’s writing is always a joy and reading his book is always guaranteed to give you new insights!” —François Lavallée

“I was more than happy to pay the original price in 2020. It is on my January re-read list, Something in it inspires me every time.”Brock Shears

“The perpetual beta series are my guide in life since 2018! It’s a guide I refer every time I seek, sense, and share knowledge.” —a reader

“They are worth every cent. Harold has truly assembled a set of user manuals for our network age.”Ben Carmel

“I love the book Finding Perpetual Beta: It is more of a thoughtful treatise than a how-to manual. Readers will find it delivers sharp insights and a large amount of pristine mental models.”Niels Pflaeging

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“masterful synthesis of 10 years of blogging about networks”Jon Husband

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I’ve just finished Part 1 of Finding Perpetual Beta. It’s so well-written — clear, easy to understand without any need for prior exposure to the topic, and simply compelling.”Michelle Ockers

If you’re interested in organizational growth, knowledge management, technology and change management, I highly recommend that you obtain, read, mark up and share it.” —Ben Carmel

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