Harold’s Speaking Engagements

International Keynote Speaker

speaking at loscon22

Speaking at loscon22 in Nürnberg, Germany via the web

“I had the pleasure of meeting with Harold in Lisbon earlier this year, where I moderated a panel on which he was a member. This is one very smart fellow, with deep insight into human psychology and the anthropology of the workplace. Anyone who’s interested in organisational change should pay attention.” —Hung Lee, Co-founder & CEO at Workshape.io

As a keynote speaker, I prefer to deeply engage with my clients. I will spend at least one full day at your conference, attend sessions, participate in panels, and engage in conversations with participants. The same applies for online conferences, and I have spoken at many of these. For example, I often present a keynote on a select topic and follow this up with a short workshop to discuss the subject deeper with those most interested.

“I have to say that it stands out for me as being one of the most memorable webinars that I’ve ever attended. It wasn’t just that the content was awesome, what really made it memorable was your well paced authoritative delivery.”

“Again, inspirational start to the day — awesome. Enjoyed the challenge to the mind and the wide sources Harold drew on.”

“Webinar was exceptionally enlightening. Information on Communities was worth every minute. Harold Jarche is an excellent speaker.”

I speak and write on a variety of topics

Contact me for a custom engagement that is leading-edge but always pragmatic.

I also offer online Masterclasses

Previous Engagements

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  • Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies
  • E.ON Group (Germany & global)
  • IOM Summit on Digital Work (Germany & global)
  • Valamis LXP (Finland & global)
  • eLearning Fusion (Poland & global)
  • Insights from the Outside GIZ (Germany & global))
  • Tech Hiring Conference (Portugal & global)
  • Catalyst Network (Australia)
  • Canadian Society of Association Executives
  • Virtual Event Series for the SAP Ecosystem (Global)
  • University of Missouri eXtension (USA)
  • US Automotive Training Managers Council
  • TecnipFMC Oil Services (Global)
  • Ennu Online (Netherlands)
  • AITD (Australia)
  • CIPD (UK)
  • TP3 (Australia)

Live (infrequently after 2020)

  • Croatia Chamber of Economy — HGK
  • HR Innovation Day (Germany)
  • LearnTec 2019 (Germany)
  • Reset2018 (Finland)
  • Dossier Forum (Norway)
  • Berlin School for Creative Leadership (Germany)
  • Landing Festival (Germany & Portugal)
  • HR Norge (Norway)
  • UNISA School of Business Leadership (South Africa)
  • Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (South Africa)
  • Wits Business School (South Africa)
  • Arts in a Digital World Summit (Canada)
  • Port of Antwerp Authority (Belgium)
  • Learning Technologies 2017 (United Kingdom) video
  • Governance & the Networked City (United Kingdom) video
  • Implement Consulting (Denmark)
  • United Cities & Local Governments World Summit (Colombia)
  • Amazon.com Global Learning & Development Conference (USA)
  • The Institute for Performance & Learning (Canada)
  • Bootcamp: Training Strategies (Canada)
  • C2 Montreal: Commerce + Creativity (Canada)
  • International EDO Congress (Spain)
  • International Council on Open and Distance Education World Conference (South Africa)
  • Training Journal (United Kingdom)
  • EduTECH (Australia)
  • U Penn, Graduate School of Education, Executive Doctoral Program (USA)
  • Amplify Festival (Australia)
  • Learning Technologies 2014 (United Kingdom) video
  • Australian Institute of Training & Development (Speaker Feedback – PDF)
  • European Environment Agency (Denmark)
  • IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (Italy)
  • DAU & George Mason University Innovations in eLearning (USA)
  • Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication [SWIFT] (Canada/Belgium)
  • TULSER (Netherlands)
  • Assistant Deputy Ministers Forum (Canada)
  • National eXtension & Nebraska eXtension Conferences (USA)
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation (USA): Expert in Residence
  • The Conference Board of Canada:
    (HR Executives, Chief Privacy Officers, Knowledge Strategy Exchange Network)
  • DevLearn eLearning Guild (USA)
  • ASTD [now ATD] (USA)
  • HR Tech (USA)
  • Algonquin College Kaleidoscope Conference (Canada)

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