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interview in london 2017

Social Media

The use of social media tools for professional development (2 minutes)

Social Learning

The role of social learning in the workplace (2 minutes)

Personal Knowledge Mastery

Public Lecture at Wits Business School in Johannesburg on taking control of your professional development with the discipline of PKM.

Learning & Networks

Reset 2018 was organized in Helsinki for change makers who have a passion for learning and sharing insights. I discussed networks, communities of practice, knowledge-sharing, and sense-making, in the context of Finnish civil society — video

Case Study

A client case study — social learning — on how to solve a complex problem with the help of a knowledge network. This resulted in a communications tool for evaluating what platforms meet the learning & performance needs of a large US health insurance company.

Governance and the Networked City

Speaking at a workshop for the London Voluntary Service Council.

Learning at Work

Interview in Helsinki. English starts after one minute.


Beyond Learning

The Learning Hack 2021-01-18

learning hack podcast

Leading Learning

Leading Learning Podcast 2019-02-05

Teaching in Higher Ed

Teaching in Higher Ed 2018-06-21

Pushing Beyond the Obvious

Pushing Beyond the Obvious 2018-02-25pkm-podcast