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CMOE: Most socially shared learning & development blog (2013) [ranked #2]

“Global thought leaders in disruptive transformation such as Clayton Christensen, John Kenagy, and Harold Jarche suggest that the most radical thinking about future possibilities is unlikely to come from the centre or top of organisations. There is a global trend for creative processes, including organisational development and change management, to move to the edges of organisations.”Helen Bevan: UK National Health Service – Improving Quality

“Harold has the rare talent of being both a thought leader and a pragmatic communicator. He is a pioneer in personal knowledge mastery — a skill just beginning to be recognized as critical in our digital age. He spoke to a group I manage in Paris composed of digital practitioners from global organizations headquartered in Paris. Harold had a strong impact on the way they now see their own professional development.”Jane McConnell, Advisor and Researcher, Digital Workplace Strategies

“Harold’s posts are thoughtful. They’re long compared to most bloggers. And they’re filled with information and resources. This is a Johann Sebastian Bach level of productivity. It requires a combination of passion and discipline that you don’t see often.” Wally Bock, Author & Leadership Coach

“Your KM articles are insightful. With all the shallow and trite content out there, it is refreshing to read stuff like yours that empowers the reader.”David Albrice

“Harold Jarche: World renowned thought leader on connected workplaces.” – Rob Brown, CEO Global Networking Council


“I had the opportunity to work with Harold while developing collaborative knowledge-sharing practices for a global predictive chemistry network. Harold guided us in assessing our needs and setting realistic goals. He revitalized the global network by demonstrating the value of focusing on people instead of tools, as well as the introduction of his PKM model (seek-sense-share). His openness and transparency, as well as his understanding of cultural diversity were instrumental to project team engagement. Harold was a valuable addition to the project and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.” (Senior Analyst: Pharmaceutical Company)

“What the ITA group brought to the table in our engagement, in the person of Harold Jarche, was not only his extensive experience and network, but also the expertise of the rest of the Alliance and their networks as well. While we in our organization have networks of our own, the quality and extensiveness of the ITA network added a value that we would not have been able to tap alone, and led us to a superior solution that will better serve our customers.” (Corporate University Manager within Fortune 500 Health Insurance company)

“Harold Jarche is an efficient team player who can take on even the most challenging projects. Intelligent and insightful. If you need a professional to do a job, make sure you have Harold Jarche doing that job. When you get to connect with him, you’ll discover an amazing person with unique skills!” (University Manager)

“Harold is not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom and I still repeatedly refer to his ideas and concepts regarding learning networks.” (Education Sector Client)

“I strongly recommend Harold for his analytical skills, competences and integrity.” (Private Sector Client)

“Through his blog and consulting practice, people look to Harold for innovative ideas for using technology for learning and performance improvement. They’re never disappointed.” (IT Sector Client)

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“Harold Jarche is smartsmartsmartsmartsmartsmart. He sees the big patterns as clearly – or maybe more clearly – than he sees the details. More often than not, his thinking feels like someone threw me a life preserver when I’m battling through too high waves, just trying to keep my head above water. I feel so grateful for this clarity. It assists me with my own sense-making. And makes it easier to move into conversation. Ahhhh…..” – Meri Walker

“Harold Jarche states the obvious with clarity and thoroughness. We all knew this, but he’s the one who makes it real for us.” – John E. Smith