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Next workshop starts 15 May 2017

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Nine factors for an integrated approach for workplace learning: training + performance support + social learning

It can be difficult to move a traditional training organization directly to a social learning focus.  I have found through experience that it is easier to start with performance consulting and then expand to social and collaborative learning. This reflects my own career as a military training development officer, later becoming one of the first Certified Performance Technologists in Canada, and then getting immersed in social networks for learning and performance.

“the labor market increasingly rewards social skills  … social skills reduce coordination costs” – The growing importance of social skills in the labor market (2015)

The aim of this workshop is to cover the components of a modern workplace learning strategy that includes training, performance support, and social learning. It is designed for anyone working in or interested in training, organizational learning, human resources, and organizational development. The workshop comprises 10 main activities, plus resources, links, and tips.

Participants are encouraged to share with each other. Here are some comments from previous online workshops, which were several weeks long.

“This workshop helped focus and situate the core elements that needed consideration in the development of a learning transformation strategy at a major financial institution contact center.” – Nancy Slawski, Senior Learning Consultant

“This workshop has been enormously helpful. Thanks Harold. It has joined up the dots and consolidated lots for me. It’s been very practical too.” – Helen Crump

“Sometimes it is a little unnerving having less structured courses in terms of organisational learning, but it certainly feels more exhilarating and alive.” – Workshop Participant

Workshop Registration

The next workshop starts 15 May 2017.

Registration is confirmed within 12 hours (usually faster) with email instructions and a copy of seeking perpetual beta.

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This workshop, conducted over six weeks, is designed to give just enough structure, without constraining personal and social learning. Essential resources on each of the nine major components have been curated. Activities are posted in the online space: every Monday & Thursday over the space of five weeks. An additional week for reflection concludes the workshop. The nine themes (plus reflection & summary) are shown in the image above.

Comments and reflections are all done via the website as threaded discussions. Harold Jarche provides coaching, advice, feedback, and other resources as needed. Discussion is encouraged so that people can learn from each other. We try to find ways to help each person as issues arise in the conversations. Without these conversations, Harold would not be able to help in an informed way. For participants, the more they give, the more they get.

Participants have come from a variety of organizations, including:
Adroit IG, Scotiabank, KPMG, AT&T, University eXtension, Roche …

Further Information

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Video: from training to performance, to social (9 minute overview)