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Friday’s Finds #7

From the Twitter files this past week: via @c4lpt – 10 Strategies for Integrating Learning and Work (part 3) via @1ernesto1 – Cheater or Collaborator? via @johnsgunn – Canadians have no legitimate expectation of privacy when they use the Internet via @kdwashburn –  Florida school boosts achievement by jettisoning textbooks ROI: Productivity in a Networked… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #6

It seems that Twitter has been the only subject discussed here this week, so I promise to broaden the subject matter next week. Here’s my synthesis of some of what I learned on Twitter: Business A Good Way to Change a Corporate Culture via @johnt John Hegel’s Shift Happens Redux via @jalam1001 “Just heard of… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #5

From the Twitter files: The big news this week was the Iranian election and almost all of the news was via social media, as the broadcast media were shown to be powerless against the Iranian state, but not the people: “This feels like Tiananmen. They fight for democracy, we watch, they die, we change the… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #4

This week marked six years as a free-agent. I announced it on Twitter and received many kind words – thank you. Once again, my weekly sense-making from the Twitter files: @ellenfweber “Since brains integrate knowledge naturally, while humans falsely separate facts artificially, integration is central to great learning.” via @1ernesto1 – 50 Ways to Use… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #3

From the Twitter files; Some thoughts, ideas & comments that caught my attention this week: Canadians are being set up by music/movie lobby groups & our politicians in a rather cozy relationship it seems … Is there a connection between crappy broadband and minimal use of open source in Canada? via Michael Geist It seems… Read more »

Friday’s finds #2

I am continuing to learn from Twitter. A real potpourri this past week: The 140 character limitation of Twitter forced me to reduce the essence of this post to: When faced with complexity: 1) organize as networks 2) continuously develop emergent practices 3) collaborate around common goals. Pep rallies and tribalism make little sense in… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #1

In an attempt to make my finds on Twitter more explicit, this may be the start of regular posts on some of the things I learned this past week (weekly seems better than monthly). Numbers & Measurement From Charles Green at The Trusted Advisor: If you can measure it, you can manage it; if you… Read more »