The leaking pyramid

Two years ago I wrote about the the forces of change and how workers, who one could call the “Cluetrained’, were dropping out of the bottom of the industrial organisation’s pyramid and doing it on their own. “It” meaning working, learning, creating and collaborating.

Today, these outlets are bigger and more obvious:

  • Informal learning is increasingly available from formal venues, such as Stanford’s series on Darwin’s Legacy that I’m following on YouTube.
  • Social networking is getting more pervasive (Facebook, Twitter or DIY with Ning) and accepted in the mainstream, such as Linked-In for recruiting.
  • Distributed work and tele-work are becoming more acceptable. It is almost normal to work from home from time to time.
  • User generated content is getting people noticed. Job offers are posted (or reverse job postings) and made through blogs while videos on YouTube can catapult people to fame.
  • Creative Commons is becoming the normal license for digital media, enabling easier sharing, and even the White House is using it.

I would say that the bottom of the Command & Control pyramid is getting much more porous.

5 Responses to “The leaking pyramid”

  1. ismael

    I think I missed (or forgot) the original post in Jan 2007, but I absolutely think to hit the nail with this graphic!

    And, as you say, its becoming more and more real.

    Loved that “cluetrain line” 🙂

  2. ismael

    I used to print them and use them as wallpaper, so I had them all always in front of me.

    But had to put some wardrobes and other furniture.

    Be considered: nobody would understand me hiding behind wardrobes and murmuring to myself while having dinner.



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