Friday’s Finds #3

From the Twitter files;

Some thoughts, ideas & comments that caught my attention this week:

Canadians are being set up by music/movie lobby groups & our politicians in a rather cozy relationship it seems … Is there a connection between crappy broadband and minimal use of open source in Canada? via Michael Geist

It seems that our economy may transition from Markets, back to Tribes & bypass Networks completely: The End of Business [related to my post on networks & complexity]

via @skap5 Powerful reminder of the shift from an industrial era. GM employed 395,000 building cars in the 1970’s. After latest closings it’s 40,000. GM’s US market share declined from 45 to 19% from 1980 to today. Meanwhile via @techberry The only way to save GM is to kill GM – we must convert auto factories to mass transit: Michael Moore.

Quote from @swoodruff “Writing a social media consulting proposal for a potential biotech client. Contact came via Twitter. Return On Networking!” [who says Twitter is useless?]

via @VMaryAbraham “What produces results? Knowledge. Got it? No, then get it!”  Content Management Connection

via @nineshift The rise of public places in Canada, and @scottstonehouse replies: “Right on. Just started telecommuting and I expect to be spending more time than ever at the public library.”

via @c4lpt The future is people, not technology – Jay Cross

via @derkdegeus The end of Intellectual Property

“Alan Kay shares a powerful idea about ideas” on TED Talks

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