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Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

@skap5“The economic game has been completely transformed and the farm system where the next generation learns how to play hasn’t.”

The Buurtzorg Model of socialcare, via @CG_carrGomm

Cutting bureaucracy is only one part of the socio-political equation, because the Buurtzorg model is one of workplace autonomy and democratic leadership where decision making and setting targets is decentralised to clinical teams.

ANZ bank brings in robot workers to do the ‘boring’ jobs, via @RossDawson

“I think if people’s jobs are to do things that robots can do, then that is not a good place to be. It is a challenge for us to ensure we actually move people into roles and enhance the roles so that they adapt,” he said.

“There are likely to be significant changes in many professional roles as we go along. But then again, when I was doing my degree there used to be a role called bookkeeper. Those don’t exist any more, but there has never been more people employed in accounting as today, the roles are just different.”

Dee Hock: The Art of Chaordic Leadership (PDF), via @DebraWatkinson

Leader presumes follower. Follower presumes choice. One who is coerced to the purposes, objectives, or preferences of another is not a follower in any true sense of the word, but an object of manipulation. Nor is the relationship materially altered if both parties voluntarily accept the dominance of one by the other. A true leader cannot be bound to lead. A true follower cannot be bound to follow. The moment they are bound they are no longer leader or follower. If the behavior of either is compelled, whether by force, economic necessity, or contractual arrangement, the relationship is altered to one of superior/subordinate, manager/employee, master/servant, or owner/slave. All such relationships are materially different from leader/follower.

@orgnet“Connect on you similarities. Benefit from your differences.”

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