Open Source LMS Comparison Report

Via Scott Leslie is this Virtual Learning Envrironment Comparison report from August 2003. The three systems compared are Moodle; Claroline and ATutor.

The author was quite impressed with ATutor’s ease of use for administrators, which reflects our own experience.

Update on Open Source LMS.

Also: Why proprietary LMS’s do not meet the needs of higher education

Open Souce for Learning lens

3 Responses to “Open Source LMS Comparison Report”

  1. Anonymous

    ClarolineClaroline is now at version 1.5.2, administration has been improved a lot since 1.3. And I consider it as the easiest to take in hand for people who know nothiong about internet.

  2. Darin

    This comparison is over two years old and it shows. ATutor still does not allow for the sharing of content the way Moodle now does. There have been many modifications and additions to these systems since this review so what you choose today is not what is reviewed here.

    Caveat emptor.

  3. Harold

    Yes, Darin, I posted it here over two years ago, and the VLE comparison is three years old.

    I’ve added the “update” links to some newer material, because this post keeps showing up on the search engines.


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