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I’ve been talking to a few people about one of the suggestions that emerged from the industry meetings this Winter, and that was to have a regional conference around learning. As many of you know, CSTD has committed to let the NB chapter organise an elearning conference in May 2005. More details on that should be available after the chapter meeting in Fredericton in June. Date and location will be posted here, as soon as it’s confirmed.

Many of us discussed how to work as a learning industry during LearnTec at NBCC Miramichi last May. This discussion resulted in the RDeL initiative, LearnNB and CSTD-NB. Obviously things get done at conferences!

So the question is – how can we best coordinate our efforts and create a conference that brings in the best learning professionals as well as potential purchasers. This Fall we will have LearnTec in Miramichi as well as NAWEB in Fredericton. NAWEB at the University of New Brunswick is now in its 10th year, with international participation. Why not join the two conferences, or even add a third like Texpo? I’m sure that there are others that I’m missing, particularly in Nova Scotia or on PEI.

What do you think? Should any conference also have a virtual component? Could we set up high speed video conferencing between each conference, so that you can attend a session at a distance, but with a small group and your own moderator? Should we focus on specific themes? Does it make sense to have a conference of conferences?

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  1. Anonymous

    NAwebThis may be NAWeb’s last year, as Rik Hall is retiring. I think therefore that there is an opportunity to make something bigger out of the gap that will be created. — Stephen

  2. Anonymous

    NAWEBIt strikes me that both the NB conference and e-learning industry landscape are changing rapidly and that there will be several new opportunities or more as you have suggested. BTW, I think Rik has done a fabulous job with NAWEB and his listserv and the Edusource event also did very well, thanks to Philippe and his team at Tele-Ed.


  3. Anonymous

    TeleEdThank you for your kind words Gary. The Learning Objects Summit/eduSource was a great success. I am honoured to have been a part of the TeleEd team. Here’s to the future!

  4. Anonymous

    Oh! That was me:-)

    ShannoOh! That was me:-)

    Shannon Watts
    TeleEducation NB


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