The End of the Commons?

Stephen Downes notes that Creative Commons may be
moving too far to the commercial side of things.

In various fora I have warned of the danger that Creative Commons will commercialize. It would be too great a temptation, I argued, to create special ‘business’ Creative Commons licenses for commercial content, possibly charging a fee for managing the license. When the Creative Commons ‘Education’ licenses were proposed a few months ago, I warned that this was first step in the process …. That day has now come. The commercialization of Creative Commons has taken a large step forward with the development of what is being called the ‘Commonwealth’.

I hope that this is not the case, but the future will tell. I agree with Stephen, and feel that CC should have a better medium for input from the great unwashed commons, especially since their success is predicated on the millions who have taken up the CC banner. I will be keeping an eye on the commercialization of CC, and you will know that I have parted ways with their philosophy if the CC License at the bottom of my pages disappears.

Update: 19 August – Creative Commons clarifies its position on the Commonwealth.

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