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The Charlottetown bloggers are meeting one week from today at noon at the Formosa Tea House. Looks like about 10 people have committed so far. I plan on going – so contact me if you want to ride share.

The PEI group seems to be a dynamic lot, as was evident by their frisbee golf tournament this Summer. As my regular readers know, I am trying to establish a loose network of small companies in the region, especially bloggers, entrepreneurs, creative artists, knowledge workers, etc. I’m going to try to get some feedback on this idea next week, in order to have a larger, regional networking event in Sackville around the end of October.

As a working descriptor, I’ve come up with IODINE (is this too hokey?):

  • Interdependent (we help each other)
  • Open (as in open to new ideas, and supporting the open-source philosophy)
  • Digital (we use networked technologies to leverage our small size and distributed nature)
  • Innovative (not just new technologies, but better ways of working and living)
  • Natural (as in organic, sustainable and renewable)
  • Entrepreneurs (we think and act for ourselves and stay in close contact with our customers and communities)

Other organisations/models that we may feel a close affinity to include Natural Enterprises, Emergent Learning Forum, the Open Source Movement, the Natural Step.

So far, the networking events in Moncton and Charlottetown have been a lot of fun and productive in linking people together. What are your thoughts on how we can keep it very informal but still get a critical mass of 20 – 30 participants? Will Pate had suggested a rotating venue, which is why the three (so far) bloggers and a few others in Sackville have committed to hosting the next meeting. My wife, Andrea, has even offered some of her culinary expertise.

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