Firefox 1.0 – Beginning or End?

Dan James has a good post on the issues facing the Mozilla Foundation and Firefox as they get ready to launch Firefox 1.0, and deal with success.

Firefox is going to be the first open source project to get mass market adoption. Unlike PHP and Apache people will actually choose to use it. It takes a conscious decision to use Firefox whereas with PHP and Apache average folks use them without knowing. Millions of average people are going to use Firefox. My mom will use it.

I installed Firefox for the rest of my family about two months ago, and it is performing without a hitch. This is truly open source for the masses. We are entering an era of open source for the public that may be the beginnining of something truly revolutionary. If OpenOffice 1.2 has the same ease of use that Firefox 1.0 has, then we may see a much larger adoption of open source for the desktop.

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