Everything you wanted to know about Open Source …

The MOST workshop took place yesterday in Moncton. The presentations went as scheduled, though mine was cut from the end. You can get some of it from my post on OS Business Models. Steve has posted his comments on the sessions, and I agree with most of them, unfortunately. It was a pretty diverse group, and I know that some people (including me) got lost in a few of the technical discussions. Steve has also identified a need for a simple explanation of Open Source:

Given some time I’m going to produce an "Everything you want to know about Open Source", 15 minute and 10 slide presentation that anyone can download to keep themselves on track. CC’d etc. Note the "want" in "want to know".

I believe that Steve has set a challenge. I will do the same, and share it. Any one else want to join in? Once the pitch is developed- so that my mother can understand it – then perhaps someone may be interested in creating an animation, ?ɬ† la Creative Commons. I’ll post my work in progress.

Update: Steve has started the discussion here.

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