Canada Day 2005

Dominion Day is now called Canada Day – July 1st, the 138th anniversary of Confederation. I still prefer the old appellation, but life goes on.
Forty years ago we also got a new flag, the Maple Leaf, which replaced the red ensign (also the flag for the Canadian Army).
The flag debate in the Commons was rather heated and consensus seemed to be impossible. Many people were upset when the new maple leaf flag was adopted (similar to our recent same-sex marriage debate).
Today, there are few people who would deny the distinct nature of our flag. I wore it proudly as a soldier. Travellers sew them on their backbacks and it is recognised throughout the world.
Sometimes you have to do what is right. This is what Prime Minister Pearson and 162 other Members of Parliament did after forcing closure on the issue. The tyranny of the majority can prevent us from doing what is right. Luckily we have some visionaries from time to time who bring us the likes of universal health care and a distinct flag.
I’m proud to be Canadian, and I like our distinct Maple Leaf. Vive le Canada.
Now it’s time to start our vacation 🙂

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