Oregon Targets Open Source Business

I have suggested this strategy to economic development folks in  Atlantic Canada for several years now, especially for learning-related OS. Open source can be a real accelerator for smaller players, as the barriers to market entry are much lower. It fell on deaf ears though.
Anyway, here’s what the Oregonian has to say:

Gov. Ted Kulongoski pledged Tuesday to do his part to make Oregon an attractive place for open-source software development, promising to raise the state’s profile within the open-source movement and to raise the movement’s profile inside Oregon.
"This is a growing segment of Oregon’s economy, and it’s the future. And it’s little-known outside the industry," Kulongoski told a roundtable discussion of 20 leaders from the state’s open-source community.
The governor said Oregon would contribute $40,000 in state economic development funds to help hire a "coordinator" to promote the state’s disparate open-source activities and reach out to businesses and software developers thinking about doing business in Oregon.

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