“Roadmap for Open ICT EcoSystems”

From a recent report (Roadmap.pdf) released by The Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

The Problem:

Following last year’s tsunami disaster:

In the race to identify victims and assist survivors, Thailand’s government hits its own wall. Responding agencies and non-governmental groups are unable to share information vital to the rescue effort. Each uses different data and document formats. Relief is slowed; coordination is complicated. The need for common, open standards for disaster management was never more stark or compelling. The Royal Government of Thailand responded by creating a common website for registering missing persons and making open file formats in particular an immediate national priority.

Similar issues have arisen during Hurricane Katrina relief operations.

The Solution = Open Standards

Guiding principles: An Open ICT EcoSystem should be Interoperable, User-Centric, Collaborative, Sustainable, Flexible


Open Standards

Open Source

Nature Set of Specifications Software Code
Openness of Interface By Definition By Design
Interoperability Enabled Cannot be Assumed
Licensing Various Types Various Types (GPL, BSD, etc.)
Development Model Collaborative Collaborative

Who was involved?

Members from various countries, including one from Canada – Gary Doucet of the Treasury Board Secretariat.

The Results:

An Openness Maturity Model:

  • Level 0 – Mainly Closed
  • Level 1 – Ad Hoc
  • Level 2 – Open Aware
  • Level 3 – Defined and Developing
  • Level 4 – Managed Openness
  • Level 5 – Measured and Sustainable

Plus – A Framework for a Business Case

Comment: An excellent starting point prior to the development of any regional, national or international web initiative that involves more than one organisation. For instance, the roadmap could inform the initial structure of national learning or health portals.

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  1. Geoffroi Garon

    Very good reportThanks Harold for this very good report. A lot of good things in it!
    I agree with you about the maturity model and the possible use of the roadmap in a national learning or healh portals strategy.


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